Wafer Boards


Wafer Board® is an italian start-up created by a team of italian artisans and designers who realize high quality skateborads and longboards.

Our decks are made with the love and the attentions of artisans with more than 20 years of experience with wood, using cutting edge production techniques.

For our design we take inspiration from the beginning of skateboarding culture, born during the 70s, in California, when surfers wanted to find a way to reproduce on the streets the same feeling of freedom they had on the ocean.

A Wafer Board® is for everyone who shares our passion for skateboarding.

How it's made?

A Wafer Board is handmade by expert artisans, who are always looking for a product with the best performance. We combine 7 layers of high quality bamboo to make refined skateboards, cruisers and longboards, the best buddies to move into the city.

Using bamboo we can guarantee durability, lightness and flexibility, as well as elegance and beauty.

The beginning

When we started, we made  a bet: to become the producers of the best skateboards with the best techniques, to give the opportunity to people who share our passion to have fun with a quality product.

In the summer of 2011 Luca Facchinetti, a young skate world enthusiast, started working day and night at the family woodshop to find the best deck. Helped and motivated by his friends, after 2 years of experiments and prototypes, he began to be noticed by some skateshops and italian pro-skaters.

In 2014 the brand was officially launched, and within two years it earned a great achievement:
in 2016 Luca Facchinetti won the best shaper prize at Roma Longboard Fest.

Today Wafer® is a ever-growing company, thanks to the development of a new series of deck with different shapes and the launch of a limited series of artistic boards, created with the collaboration of successful artists and illustrators.