Wafer Boards

Our Crew: Only Locals

We needed somebody to try out our boards and get bruised in our place: thus Wafer Family was born, allowing us to grow the brand and create new unique designs.


Name: HellYa
Board: Hell
Style: Dancing

Name: Sen6
Board: Karma
Style: Dancing

Name: Teto
Board: Traditional 8.0
Style: Pool – Ramp

Name: Nicolò
Board: Wave
Style: Surfskate

Name: Len
Board: Traditional 8.5
Style: Pool – Ramp

Name: Simo
Board: $imoney
Style: Street


Name: Ale Negri
Role: Social Manager

Name: Mauro Max
Role: Web Designer

Name: Kamillo
Role: Graphic Designer

Name: Luca Facchinetti
Role: Owner & Founder