The Artisan has chosen bamboo because of its natural features that result in a strong and high quality product with enhanced stability and elasticity compared to the other type of woods.There are two types of bamboo used for Wafer boards: light that is the natural state of the bamboo, and “caramel” or dark that is the natural wood but toasted. Toasting a bamboo layer and therefore changing the state of the wood from natural to dark affects not only the color but also all the properties that renders the material as it is in terms of thickness, durability and resistance. Fun facts about the chosen material is that bamboo is not even a wood. Bamboo is a plant, and because of this has a very different texture and elasticity that affects also the stability of the product. A regular board is made with 7 layers of bamboo because is the best balance to have a compact board that doesn’t renounce to the robustness needed in this type of discipline.