Who we are

Wafer Boards is an Italian start-up created by a team of Italian artisans and designers who realize high quality skateboards and longboards. Located in the northern part of Italy near Milan, Wafer specialize in bamboo crafting for their products. Currently it is using a technique that involves 7 layers of bamboo for the best handmade skateboards, cruisers and longboards. It is quite known in the suburbs of Milan and in the skateboarding circuit, attending all the sector’s fairies and events with a branded stand that offers a variety of products and some samples of materials used in the handcrafting process. At the beginning of June 2016 It offered 8 different types of boards, where three of them are the result of a sponsorship between Wafer and Tattoo artists from Milan’s area. During the second half of 2016 other 4 boards have been added to the catalog. Moreover, Wafer® gives to customers the choice of customizing their own order, offering personalized serigraphy and board’s texture composition.

About us

At the origin of Wafer there are a dream and a bet: become the producers of the best skateboards using cutting edge technology of production, to give the opportunity to people who share this type of passion to have fun with an high quality product. In the summer of 2011 when Luca Facchinetti, young woodworker skate world enthusiast, decided to transform his passion in a real work. He started working day and night at the family woodshop to find the best deck. Helped by friends and his motivation, after 2 years of experiments and prototypes, he started to be noticed by some skate shops and Italian professional skaters for his boards. In 2014 there was an official launch of the brand, with the new visual identity. Today Wafer is a growing company thanks to continuous investments aimed at promoting the values of originality and passion. A special contribute is also given by the making of a new series of deck with different shapes and the limited series of artistic boards, created with the collaboration of successful artists and illustrators.